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  • Why Is It Important To Clean Your Carpet

    July 17, 2020

    In the United States, we value cleanliness. Most of us would never purposely wear dirty clothes. We keep our sheets, towels and other textiles clean and fresh for ourselves and guests. We love to clean so much that the U.S. laundry detergent industry alone is worth $23 billion. So, it seems out of character to question whether or not we should clean our carpets.

    What Are Some Benefits of Carpet Cleaning?

    If you consider what travels across your carpets and rugs each day, it is astounding that they look as good as they do. Shoes that have walked across highly-traveled areas, including public restrooms, pets that have played in the dog park and dribbled food or drinks from both kids and adults. Also, consider that whatever is in your yard is likely in your carpet as well, such as dirt, dust and other allergens.

    There are many benefits to having your textile floor coverings cleaned:

    • Extend the life of your carpet
    • Improve air quality
    • Benefit your health 
    • Impart a fresh look and smell

    What you may not realize is that dirt is abrasive. The constant grinding that occurs as you walk can push dirt into the carpet, damaging it over time by breaking down the fibers. A buildup of residue from dirt, food or cleaning products can cause fibers to tangle, mat and flatten, affecting the look, feel and function.

    Were you aware that 90% of Americans’ time each day is spent indoors? Not only that, but indoor air can contain up to five times the concentration of pollutants as the outside air. When we breathe contaminated air, it takes a toll on the health of everyone in the building. Some indications that your indoor air is polluted are irritation of the eyes, nose or throat, headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Long term exposure to poor air quality contributes to issues like asthma or other respiratory diseases, heart problems and cancer.

    Finally, you may have become so used to the odors in your house that you aren’t even aware that it no longer smells fresh. (Remember that fish you cooked for dinner last week?) When you look at the same rooms day after day, you may not notice that there are paths of grime in your carpet. Keeping your carpet clean gives your home or office an instant upgrade and can save you money on replacement costs, medical bills or employee absences.

    What Contaminants Are Hiding in My Carpet?

    The fact that carpeting camouflages dirt on floors is a double-edged sword. While it is nice that, unlike dark hardwoods, you don’t see how much dust settles on floors or is stirred up by walking each day, you may also not recognize how much debris is building up over time. Many things can nestle down and set up shop in your floor coverings. If you just ate, you may want to wait a bit before reading about them.


    One fun fact about the largest human organ is that it sheds an average of 1.5 million flakes every day. That means that your skin rejuvenates itself every 27 days. Where does all that skin end up? In your furniture, clothing and, eventually, your carpet.


    Fleas, bedbugs and dust mites are just a sample of the insects that call your rugs and carpets home. The more food they can find, the more unwanted pests you’ll have. That doesn’t necessarily mean food residue. Dust mites live on the shed skin cells and create feces that can cause severe allergic reactions.


    Humidity, spills and leaks are all ways that moisture can saturate the fibers of your floor coverings. Mold and mildew can occur when the fibers and carpet pad become saturated and are not dried out quickly and thoroughly. Not only could this ruin your carpet, but mold spores can also impact your health.


    Pollen can be a problem in the spring and fall, depending on where you live and what type of trees and plants grow around your home or office. Every time you walk outside and back in, you carry those airborne spores that can settle in your carpet.


    As disgusting as this sounds, it is almost impossible to avoid. Traces from pets that sit on your floor coverings, child or pet accidents and contamination on shoes are all ways that human and pet waste can end up soiling your fabric floor coverings.


    It can be very difficult to see all those little crumbs that build up over time, especially when they end up nestled down in the fibers of your rugs or carpets. They not only attract bacteria and insects but can stain your flooring and create odors.

    Should I Try to Clean My Carpets?

    While it may be tempting to attempt to clean area rugs or carpets yourself, it is not advisable. Many rookie mistakes can do more harm than good. Some of the drawbacks are:

    • Over-wetting
    • Too much shampoo
    • Damage
    • Warranties

    Over saturating the carpet can lead to problems with mold and mildew when too much water soaks into fibers and padding, making it nearly impossible to dry. Many DIYers think that more shampoo is better. However, the shampoo residue can be a dirt magnet. Without understanding the materials that your rug or carpet is made from, you could cause damage by using the wrong technique or chemicals. That is why many manufacturers stipulate in their warranties that a professional carpet cleaner must be used to keep it valid.

    Choose a Trusted Professional Carpet Cleaner

    Keep your home or office clean, safe and fresh with professional carpet cleaning from Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning. We value providing our customers with the highest quality service and results, and our repeat business shows that our clients recognize it. All our cleaning products are hypoallergenic and soap-free with your health and the life of your carpet, rugs and upholstery in mind. To find out more about our products and services, contact us today. For your convenience, you may either call us at 1-888-817-8339 or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

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