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    November 29, 2018

    (Updated 6/27/2019)


    Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are about more than just keeping the environment safe, they’re also about keeping your family safe by ensuring they aren’t exposed to harsh industrial detergents and other chemicals. That’s why Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide safe carpet & rug cleaning that can handle even the toughest jobs and the most sensitive carpets out there. Whether you’re trying to find someone to take care of your basic entryway rugs or you’re looking for experts to handle expensive artisanal rug designs, our method provides you with eco-friendly area rug cleaning in Chattanooga that you’ve got to see to believe.


    Eco-Friendly Solutions for Color Preservation


    Using safe and environmentally friendly cleansers that take out dirt, dander, and tough stains gently also preserve the original dyes that made your rugs and carpets so vibrant. When it comes to expensive traditional rug designs like those found in Oriental and Persian rugs, this process ensures they are properly cared for, so they retain their artistic vibrance for many years to come, even if they were originally crafted with naturally derived dyes in a traditional manner.


    That’s possible because the best rug cleaning companies in Chattanooga all know from experience that you need expert technicians who know and love floor coverings if you’re going to deliver quality carpet care to people who really know fine rugs and carpets. Our customers know we recruit with that in mind because we strive to be your first choice when you want to find your best choice.


    How Our Process Works


    As your choice for Oriental rug cleaners in Chattanooga, we treat every job with the same thorough approach to ensure your rugs get the individual attention they deserve.

    • Each rug or carpet is evaluated with problem areas, stains, and worn spots identified and catalogued by one of our expert technicians
    • The rug is dusted first to remove as much loose dirt as possible, allowing the cleanser to penetrate further and get more stubborn worked-in substances
    • Safe detergent and a soft brush keep a gentle but firm traction on the carpet as the cleanser gets worked through the fibers
    • After the cleaning products are rinsed and the carpet is clean, an indulgent air dry on a proper rack ensures it is as fresh as possible when it goes back to your floor



    If you’re worried about a rug that has seen some heavy use in its time, don’t hesitate to ask for an inspection and advice about upkeep. Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning technicians work hard to make sure every customer gets the most from every rug they’ve got.

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