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  • Some Easy Ways to Remove Pet Odor from Your Carpets

    November 8, 2018

    (Updated 6/27/2019)


    As much as pets can enrich the lives of everyone in your family, they are a lot of work to keep up with, especially if you’ve got more than one. No matter how well trained they are or how rarely they make a mess in the house, pets still track in outdoor smells and leave dander around the home, and you’ve got to contend with that to balance a clean house and a happy family that nurtures all its members. That means you need options for pet odor removal.



    Clean Up Accidents Quickly


    Let’s just say your perfect little buddy has a not so perfect day and leaves a mess. Whether it’s urine or feces, you’ll need to handle the biohazard and the odor. Start by removing the mess, either by picking up and throwing out solid waste or using an absorbent disposable towel to take extra moisture out of furniture and upholstery. Then, one of these options is your best bet to neutralize the smell while cleansing the area:


    • Specialized odor remover designed to take out pet odors
    • Strong vinegar solution
    • Dilution with water and scrubbing with dish soap
    • Carpet shampooing



    The vinegar solution followed by soap and water is great in a pinch, but it’s intensive and it requires you to invest the time to fully clean the spot on your carpet. It also assumes your carpet is color safe enough to take a vinegar treatment, which isn’t always true. Vinegar can bleach. Pet odor removal is easiest when you employ a dedicated odor neutralizer.


    Fight Built Up Dander


    Most of the time, you need a separate product when you’re cleaning up accidents and when you’re taking dander and other odor-causing compounds out of your carpet as a regular part of cleaning. That’s not always the case, though. If you want a robust product you can use when cleaning up an oops day and when you’re just doing your regular vacuuming and cleaning, they’re out there. You just need to know what you’re looking for and then go for it.


    Of course, cleaning up dander and accidents as they happen will not be enough if your pets are all over your home, and whose aren’t? If you want to make sure your house is comfortable and your furry friends don’t cause environmental difficulties over time, you’ll want to make sure you supplement those DIY solutions with professional carpet cleaning.



    Professional cleaning fully scrubs out the built-up dander, traces of urine or feces that have built up from successive accidents, and even non-pet allergens. Call today, and make semi-annual carpet cleanings a part of your pet parenting lifestyle to keep your home fresh and clean year round.

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