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    Some Easy Ways to Remove Pet Odor from Your Carpets

    November 8, 2018

    Pets are an integral part of our family. They lit up our lives in multiple ways and are absolutely adorable. No matter how naughty they behave at times, we still can’t restrain ourselves from loving these cute little beings.

    Well, there are some practical problems with them that we can’t really ignore. For instance, on rugs and carpets they leave behind a certain odor that is hard to bear with and becomes unbearable with time. What we have to do is clean up instantly to make sure our home is pleasant and devoid of any bad smell.

    Few simple ways that will help you out in the process

    Now let’s have a look at some easy ways which can be used while cleaning all the mess up. You always have the option of contacting the most professional pet odor removal companies in Chattanooga for this purpose, but it’s never a bad idea to try on your own.

    • Do an immediate cleanup act

    When it comes to the unbearable pungent pet odor, it’s always better to clean it up immediately. Letting it stay for long might increase the smell intensity.

    First, use a paper towel for soaking up the pet urine. Follow it up by cleaning the area with water. Remember to blob and not rub the area. If effective results are not obtained, consider hiring the best pet stain removal service in Chattanooga TN.

    • Take the help of pet odor neutralizer

    After cleaning the area completely, use a pet odor neutralizer. You can get it from any local pet supply store or contact a professional pet odor removal company for the same. Using this is vital as there are chances of your pet re-soiling the zone until the carpet is entirely removed. You can also consider hiring the services of pet odor removal services in Chattanooga TN for effective results.

    You need to keep in mind one important thing. Never use ammonia. This may draw your pet back to that carpet area once again. So, utilize these easy tricks and keep your house free of pet odor!

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